Targeted Traffic to Sell Beats Online

Targeted Traffic to Sell Beats Online

By Allen Brown

When it comes to marketing and promoting beats online, 95% of producers don\'t have a clue on what to do in order to get targeted traffic to sell beats online.

I have spent over ten years marketing and promoting on the Internet and have learned along the way many ways to drive targeted traffic to your product. Before you even start marketing or promoting, you must first know what targeted traffic is. Following are the basics you should know about Internet traffic.

When you start learning the Internet you will soon discover how important \"Hits\" are. This is the term used that represents the number of unique people to your website or webpage. If you have a stats counter or an annalists program attached to your website, you can track the number of unique people that visit your site everyday. This is a very important tool to have, to measure your results and your sales conversions. This tool will also show you where your traffic is coming from.

Now once you understand what traffic is and how to track it, its time you focus on targeted traffic. Targeted traffic simply means the people that you want to buy or the most likely person that would buy your beats. This would most likely be Hip Hop and Rap Artist and if you do R&B beats then R&B artist would also be your target. There are a few other targets such as film producers or advertising agencies that may need to licence your beats as well. For the most part, artist are your main target.

All traffic is not created equal.

As a marketer of your own product you want to make sure that all your efforts in promotion are to attract targeted traffic. Many people are impressed that they can get 1000 hits a day on their website. However, if it's not targeted traffic then sales will not result from it. It's better to have 100 hits a day with a 2% conversion rate with beats that are $20 each, then have 1000 people a day coming to your site and no sales. That 2% sales which would produce $40 a day would mean $1200 a month in your account. This is why it is very important to drive targeted traffic. If you can get a 7% conversion rate then you can basically retire on beats sales that earn you $4200 a month in income.